–   Hey! Did you know that 2D Plans for factories are dead?

–   Yeah, I already knew…

–   You knew…? Really? Since when?

–   It happened some years ago…

–   Really?! Did it happen suddenly?

–   Not really… They were really bad for some years.

–   So nobody realized?

–   Yeah, some people realized: The studios that survived until today.


I wanted to start this little article In this humorous but strong way. As a Mold Design Engineering ( we want to confess you a well known secret, an urban legend: 2D Design for Factories is dead!


If you didn’t knew, it means that you are trying to follow the vertiginous rhythm of the design world, or maybe it’s just that your internet connection is failing.


Irony aside, and with the data over the table I’m courageous to say that 2D Plan Design is almost extinct. We have turned from having a 95% to a 10% of requests about plans in the projects that we made in the last 10 years.


Most of the mold design factories that we work for, own at least a PC where they can not only see the piece that is going to be manufactured, but they can see part of the assembly too or even all the project.


Is that an advantage or a disadvantage for the factories?


I’d say it depends if it has OPERATORS or *BUTTON-PRESSERS. If it has Operators, any medium that can help in the process of understanding what and how is manufactured, would be beneficial for both the factory and the operators.


I’m not going to question if the disappearance of 2D planes in factories is the correct way to follow or not. I’m just giving the data. The assessment is left for this little group of factories where you can still see paper plans with some grease / cutting oil spot , living with other mythological stains.


*Button-Presser: Living being that has as an only mission the act of pressing a Button.